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Sanskrit Scriptures from ancient India are an important source of knowledge and information in different fields. They give an insight into the invaluable heritage that we have inherited through these scriptures and texts. This also gives an insight into how advanced our ancestors were in comparison to us.

In this section we will try to cover some of the important contributions that ancient India has in different fields like Science, Astrology, Mathematics, Medicine etc. These information are mostly derived from different Vedas and other such texts.

*** The contents are being written and will be published soon.

  • Ancient India Heritage - Time & Space
  • Ancient India Heritage - Language & Alphabees
  • Ancient India Heritage - Mathematics, Algebra, & Geometry
  • Ancient India Heritage - Physics & Chemistry
  • Ancient India Heritage - Health Care (Ayurveda), Medicine & Surgery
  • Ancient India Heritage - Astrology & Astro-Physics

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