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Let us bring Sanskrit back to our daily life. This is the vision with which samskrutam.com started. It is an effort to spread Sanskrit using the available online technology; and aims to provide an effective source of learning and knowing Sanskrit language and literature.

"Our vision is - bringing Sanskrit back to our daily life, by facilitating a collaborative platform on 'Sanskrit & Indology' studies, where all can come together to learn as well as share their knowledge on the subject."

In early 2005 Biswajit Dash, Jyoti Prakash Mishra, Indrajit Dash and Anuja Satapathy all from the city of temples, Bhubaneswar, as a group started the online initiative. On 23rd April 2005 samskrutam.com was published. Initial contents on Sanskrit were prepared and published. From that time much more contents on different aspects of Sanskrit have been added to the website. Over the time other like minded people started extending their help to make samskrutam.com achieve its aim of spreading Sanskrit. The members are from different sphere of life and profession. Here is a brief introduction to each of them.

Group Members
* Biswajit Dash samskrutam.com is the brain child of Biswajit; and he is behind the language research and content preparation of the website since the day of its inception in 2005. It is his task to collect information on different aspects of Sanskrit, procuring books from publishers and co-ordinating the overall activities of samskrutam.com. Biswajit is Kovida certified from Samskrita Bharati in Sanskrit; and certified from Chinmaya International Foundation on Foundation Vedanta a course which imparts deep insight into essence of vedic scriptures.

* Anuja Satapathy Anuja reviews the contents of the pages before they are published. Each and every page of the site first goes through her review, which helps avoid many initial errors. Having done her certification on Foundation Vedanta from Chinmaya International Foundation, she also prepares the vedic scripture contents of samskrutam.com website.

* Jyoti Prakash Misra Jyoti Prakash has been the key person in making the Online Dictionary a reality. He undertook the difficult task of identifying and keying in the commonly used words from different dictionaries and word-books. He holds the position of Branch Manager in one of the branches of State Bank of India, Odisha.

* Indrajit Dash Indrajit is the CEO of WebCom Associates (a business management school in collaboration with well known institutions like IMT, SMU etc.) of which he is the promoter. The entire technological aspects of this Sanskrit initiative including softwar development and website hosting, has been promoted by him.

* Aastha Shukla Aasthaa from Jalandhar volunteered her help to the Sanskrit initiative. She has been helping since January 2008 in compiling the Panchatantra stories for the Stories section. After giving 22 years to a successful banking career as a Bank Officer in one of the large banks, Aasthaa has now set-up a Trust for reviving and highlighting the glory of ancient India. Besides studying Sanskrit and translating rare not-so-popular Hindu texts into English she also maintains her website on Hinduism at - www.ishwarnaman.org.

If you wish to contact any of the above members, please email us and we will pass on the message. You can email us your messages, comments and feedback etc., to or .

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