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Courses & Certifications


Sanskrit as a formal language can be learnt as a class-room based course or as part of a correspondence course. Both options are available to any one interested in learning Sanskrit formally and getting certified. For most of us who are interested in Sanskrit, but do not have the time to attend classes can become part of well known and recognised correspondence courses. In this they can be anywhere in the world, while learning Sanskrit. The following are few very well known and recognised organisation, that conduct both class-room based and correspondence courses. The course materials are of very good and effective quality.

  • Samskrita Bharati
  • Rastriya Samskrita Sansthana
  • Chinmaya Mission

Samskrita Bharati: 4 different grades of certifications on Sanskrit are available to pursue. There is no specific criteria for registering for the courses. Anyone can easily register for these courses. At the end of each grade an exam is conducted and on successful completion a certificate with the transcript is issues. The 4 different grades are:

  • Grade 1 - Pravesha
  • Grade 2 - Parichaya
  • Grade 3 - Sikshya
  • Grade 4 - Kovida

For all students who successfully complete Kovida can also register for 2 advanced courses on Bhagvadgeeta, explaining grammatical interpretation of the shlokas. The 2 different terms are:
  • Geeta Pravesha - 1
  • Geeta Pravesha - 2


Rastriya Samskrita Sansthana: 2 different introductory courses are available to pursue. Certificate is issued on successful completion of the second year course. The 2 different grades are:

  • Introductory Course - 1st Year
  • Introductory Course - 2nd Year


Chinmaya Mission: Different correspondence courses on Sanskrit and Vendata are available. Followings are the ones:

  • Foundation Vendata Course (Postal or eLearning)
  • Advanced Vendata Course (Postal or eLearning)
  • Sanskrit Course (Postal)


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