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Literature ::: Scripture & Literature Classification — 1.4%

[...] science of mechanics and construction are associated to ऋक्वेद, यजुर्वेद, सामवेद, अथर्ववेद (RRikveda, yajurveda, saamaveda, atharvaveda) [...]

Shloka ::: Marriage — 1.4%

[...] chakravaka birds; let them enjoy marital bliss, and along with their progeny, live a full life. (अथर्ववेद - atharvaveda) [...]

Shloka ::: Upanishad — 1.4%

[...] meditation and the goal of same is explained in this stanza. (कैवल्य उपनिषद् - kaivalya upaniShad, अथर्ववेद - atharvaveda) [...]

Literature ::: Text & Scholars — 0.7%

[...] Sama Veda सामवेद saamaveda Atharva Veda अथर्ववेद atharveda [...]

Literature — 0.7%

[...] Yajur Veda यजुर्वेद yajurveda Sama Veda सामवेद saamaveda Atharva Veda अथर्ववेद atharveda Upanisat (108) [...]

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