Rough Notes

22-Nov-2020 Few things to do. It's time to manage time and revive the portal.
  • Correct the spellings and errors that readers have highlighted over email and guestbook.
  • Add the addresses and resources that readers have shared over email and guestbook.
  • Change the top content menu to old fashioned html-table format.
  • Add a short one-liner what's new on the top of home page.
  • Add the stanzas to Ramayana section, and publish.
  • Check the problem with Online Test and Guestbook Admin pages.
  • Bring back xml shloka web api; re-build the searchable and rest-api.
  • Add new set of questions to Online Test.
  • Add new set of crossword puzzles.
  • Can the xml data for crossword, shlokas, online-test be managed as wiki-xml files?
  • Upgrade stw-code to latest .net and have a git branch copy.
  • Re-arrange contents; keep only study pages in studies.samskrutam; move others to compendia.samskrutam.
  • Make the guestbook admin more flexible; allow direct reply, and entry management from web page; keep the old xml-file management.
  • Create and link to samskrutam facebook profile.
  • Create and link to samskrutam instagram profile. Publish weekly stanzas or notes in it.
  • Fix the web-mail. (done)
  • Create offline client for web-mail as a backup option.
  • Re-build the "online forum" feature. It needs to have it's own independent database or storage.

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