Grammar Tutorial ::: Verb Affixes / कृदन्तपद / kRRidantapada

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Verb Forms (कृदन्तपद / kRRidantapada): In chapter 3 we studied तिङतपद (tiN^atapada). We learnt that by adding तिप् (tip) suffix to the verb root we get धातुरुप (dhaaturupa) known as तिङतपद or tiN^atapada. The verb forms representing the tenses and moods of verbs are तिङतपद or tiN^atapada. In this chapter we will study कृदन्तपद (kRRidantapada) meaning words ending with कृत् (kRRit) suffix.

In the following chapters we will study the following verb forms or धातुरुप (dhaaturupa).

At the end of each chapter Practice Sentences are given using many commonly used nouns and verbs. Studying the Practice Sentences will help building a good vocabulary for day-to-day conversasion in Sanskrit.

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