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Marriage or पाणिग्रहण (paaNigrahaNa) is one of the most important and sacred events in our culture. The real essence of marriage is described in वेद (veda). The कर्मकाण्ड (karmakaaNDa) of वेद (veda) details the different types of marriages, rituals followed, shlokas recited and the true meaning behind the these. Even in present day marriages shlokas or मन्त्र (mantra) from these sources are recited along with the rituals.

In almost all literary works including रामायण (raamaayaNa), महाभारत (mahaabhaarata), पुराण (puraaNa), works of कालिदास (kaalidasa) etc., there are beautiful and elaborate descriptions of marriage ceremonies of Gods-Goddesses, celestial beings, Kings-Queens etc.

If the true meaning of the vedic rituals and shlokas are followed, each and every marriage will be a never ending happy union. Here are few shlokas collected from different sources which can be used in marriage ceremonies, wedding cards etc.

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We are collecting more and more shlokas for this page. If you have some shlokas on marriage, you can share the same with us, and we will publish those in this page, if appropriate.

इहेमाविन्द्र सं नुद चक्रवाकेव दम्पती ।
प्रजयौनौ स्वस्तकौ विस्वमायुर्व्यऽशनुताम् ॥

O Lord Indra! May you bring together this newly married couple in the same manner as a pair of chakravaka birds; let them enjoy marital bliss, and along with their progeny, live a full life. (अथर्ववेद - atharvaveda)

....... ॐ .......

धर्मेच अर्थेच कामेच इमां नातिचरामि ।
धर्मेच अर्थेच कामेच इमं नातिचरामि ॥

In my duty, in my financial commitments, in my needs, I will not violate you. [ Note: In essence it means - In my duty, in my financial commitments, in my needs, I will consult you, will take your consent and act upon. The first oath is taken by the groom and the second by the groom respectively thrice. (विवाह कर्मकाण्ड - vivaaha karmakaaNDa) ]

....... ॐ .......

गृभ्णामि ते सुप्रजास्त्वाय हस्तं मया पत्या जरदष्टिर्यथासः ।
भगो अर्यमा सविता पुरन्धिर्मह्यांत्वादुःगार्हपत्याय देवाः ॥

I hold your hand so that we may have worthy children and may we be blessed to be inseparable. May the Gods Indra, Varuna and Savitru bless me to be an ideal householder with your kindly support. Note: This oath is taken by the groom. (विवाह कर्मकाण्ड - vivaaha karmakaaNDa)

....... ॐ .......

सखा सप्तपदा भव ।
सखायौ सप्तपदा बभूव ।
सख्यं ते गमेयम् ।
सख्यात् ते मायोषम् ।
सख्यान्मे मयोष्ठाः ।

You have walked seven steps with me; be my friend. We have walked seven steps together; let us be friends. Let me get your friendship. Let me not part from your friendship. May you not part from my friendship. [ Note: This is recited by the groom after taking the seven steps around the altar. (विवाह कर्मकाण्ड - vivaaha karmakaaNDa) ]

....... ॐ .......

धैरहं पृथिवीत्वम् ।
रेतोऽहं रेतोभृत्त्वम् ।
मनोऽहमस्मि वाक्त्वम् ।
सामाहमस्मि ऋकृत्वम् ।
सा मां अनुव्रता भव ।

I am the sky and you are the earth. I am the giver of energy and you are the receiver. I am the mind and you are the word. I am (saama) music and you are the song (RRik). You and I follow each other. [ Note: This is recited by the groom after taking the seven steps around the altar. (विवाह कर्मकाण्ड - vivaaha karmakaaNDa) ]

....... ॐ .......

चित्तिरा उपबर्हणं चक्षुरा अभ्यञ्जनम् ।
ध्यौर्भूमिः कोश आसीद्यदयात्सूर्या पतिम् ॥

Thought was pillow; and the sight the collyrium of the eyes; heaven and earth were her treasure box, when Surya went to her spouse (Soma). [ Note: This is one of the mantras describing 'Soma' when 'Surya' goes to accept her as wife in marriage. (ऋग्वेद - RRigveda - Marriage of Surya with Soma) ]

....... ॐ .......

गृभ्णामि ते सौभगत्वाय हस्तं मया पत्या जरदष्टिर्थासः ।
भगो अर्यमा सविता पुरंधिर्मह्यं त्वादुर्गार्हपत्याय देवाः ॥

I your husband, take your hand for perfect enjoyment with me; may you attain long life. Bhaaga, Aryamaa, Savitar and Purnadhi have given you to me to be my home's mistress. [ Note: This is the vow that Surya takes while accepting Soma as his wife. (ऋग्वेद - RRigveda - Marriage of Surya with Soma) ]

....... ॐ .......

काश्यपः - ययोतेरिव शर्मिष्ठा भर्तुर्बहुमता भव ।
सुतं त्वमपि सम्राजं सेव पूरुमवाप्नुहि ॥

May you be cherished by your husband, as Sarmishthaa was cherished by Yadaati. And may you bear a son, as did Puru, who shall be soverign of the world. (अभिज्ञानसकुन्तलम् - abhidnyaanasakuntalam)

....... ॐ .......

काश्यपः - अभी वेदिं परितः क्लृप्तधिष्ण्याः समिद्वन्तः प्राप्तसंस्तीणदर्भाः ।
अपघ्नन्तो दुरितं हव्यगन्धौवैर्तानास्त्वां वह्नयः पावयन्तु ॥

Kashyapa says :- Let these sacrificial fires, whose places are fixed round the altar, fed with holy wood, having the Dharbha grass strewn around their margins, removing sin by the perfume of the oblations, purify you. (अभिज्ञानसकुन्तलम् - abhidnyaanasakuntalam)

....... ॐ .......

काश्यपः - शुश्रूषस्व गुरुन्कुरु प्रियसखीवृत्तिं सपत्नीजने
भर्तुर्विप्रकृतापि रोषणतया मा स्म प्रतीपं गमः ।
भूयिष्ठं भव दक्षिणा परिजने भाग्येष्वनुत्सेकिनी
यान्त्येवं गृहिणीपदं युवतयो वामाः कुलस्याध्यः ॥

Kashyapa says :- Pay respectful attention to your elders; treat other women of family as your dear friends; should your husband wrong you, let not your resentment lead your disobedience. Be ever courteous towards your servants; not puffed with pride in your fortune. By such behaviour, young women become honoured wives; but perverse wives are the bane of a family. (अभिज्ञानसकुन्तलम् - abhidnyaanasakuntalam)

....... ॐ .......

काश्यपः - अर्थो हि कन्या परकीय एव तामध्य संप्रेष्य परिग्रहीतुः ।
जाते मामायं विशदः प्रकामं प्रत्यर्पितन्यास इवान्तरात्मा ॥

Kashyapa says :- In truth a daughter is another's property; and having today sent her to her lord, I find my soul has become quite clear as if after restoring a deposit. (अभिज्ञानसकुन्तलम् - abhidnyaanasakuntalam)

....... ॐ .......

प्रयुक्तपाणिग्रहणं यदब्यद् वधूवरं पुष्यति कान्तिमग्रयाम् ।
सांइध्ययोगाद्नयोस्तदानीं किं कथ्यते श्रीरुभयस्य तस्य ॥

When, by the presence of these (Uma and Shiva) other couples, on the eve of their marriage, attain a rare splendour, who could describe the glory of them both? (कुमारसम्भवम् - kumaarasambhavam)

....... ॐ .......

प्रदक्षिणप्रक्रमणात् कृशानोर् उदर्चिषस्तन् मिथुनं चकाशे ।
मेरोरुपान्तेष्विव वर्तमानम् अन्योन्यसंसक्तमहस्त्रियामम् ॥

By going round these blazing fire, the couple shone like night and day, clinging each other and revolving round the fringe of mount Meru. (कुमारसम्भवम् - kumaarasambhavam)

....... ॐ .......