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Common Questions & Answers

Why do I see garbage characters instead of Sanskrit text?
Your computer may not have a Sanskrit font installed in it. Sanskrit texts will be displayed properly after installing any of the different Sanskrit fonts.

Why do I see garbage characters even if font is installed?
This can happen if your internet browser is not able to detect the correct font encoding. Try setting the browser's text encoding to UTF-8 or UNICODE.

How do I verify if Sanskrit text is displayed correctly on my computer?
Refer the following table. If the letter shown under 'On Your Computer' is matching the picture under 'Correct Rendering' then Sanskrit text is being correctly rendered on your computer.

 Correct RenderingIncorrect RenderingOn Your Computer


What is UTF-8 encoding?
UTF-8 is an UNICODE standard of rendering and displaying characters. UTF-8 can display all fonts including Sanskrit.

Where to get different Sanskrit fonts?
Many Sanskrit fonts are available for download, from different sources. Check the font installation' section above to get a list. Also many authoring tools come with built-in UNICODE fonts.

What is ITRANS encoding?
ITRANS is a schema of inputting Sanskrit (and other Indian language) text into a computer. A traditional computer has a Keyboard that supports only English letters to be input. It is not possible to directly input Sanskrit characters through them. So, many Sanskrit authoring software use ITRANS schema to input Sanskrit characters using a traditional keyboard. ITRANS is nothing but a set combination of English keystrokes that translate into a specific Sanskrit alphabet.

How do I type in Sanskrit text?
Sanskrit texts can be typed in using Sanskrit authoring tools. It will not be possible to directly input Sanskrit text using a standard keyboard. You can use our Sanskrit Editor page. In this you can enter ITRANS text input and get Devanagari script generated. The generated text can be copied+pasted into emails, notes etc. Alternatively you can use any of the Sanskrit authoring software available.

What are the different Sanskrit authoring tools available?
Many such authoring tools are available either free or for purchase. Few to name are: