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Arise, awake, and stop not till the goal is reached !

Welcome to SAMSKRUTAM Studies

SAMSKRUTAM Studies - the online educational portal on Sanskrit language, literature, grammar, tutorial, stories, puzzles, and other resources; which anyone can refer, to study "Sanskrit-and-Indic" subjects.

Sanskrit is the core of our Bhaaratiya (Indian) culture and knowledge. It has played the major role in everything we have today as our knowledge, culture, and values. All our major works like Vedas, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Shrimad Bhagvad Gita, etc., are composed and written in Sanskrit. It is doubtless and well accepted that all these teachings are unparalleled with any other teaching in the world and will remain so.

Sanskrit language has been with us for over 10,000 years. It has been our spoken language for thousands of years. This itself tells us how important is Sanskrit to our values and how important it is for us to keep Sanskrit as one of our main-stream language. Without the knowledge of Sanskrit, as a language, we will not be able to truly appreciate and understand the literature we have.

Let us bring Sanskrit back to our daily life.
It is possible only when we start using Sanskrit the way we use any other language.

"Our vision is - bringing Sanskrit back to our daily life, by facilitating a collaborative platform on 'Sanskrit & Indology' studies, where all can come together to learn as well as share their knowledge on the subject."
 Here is a depiction of some of the useful features, that we have on SAMSKRUTAM platform.
Crossword Puzzle
A collection of crossword puzzles to solve.
Sanskrit Dictionary
The dictionary with 5000+ words.
Grammar Lessons & Tables
An easy to understand Sanskrit tutorial,
and noun/verb tables.
Online Test
The online test on grammar, literature etc.
Sanskrit Shloka (Stanza)
A collection of Sanskrit stanzas.
Sanskrit Editor
The online editor for writing Sanskrit/English.
Lexical Analyser
The online lexical analyser, to analyse Sanskrit words.
Digitised Text & Stanza Library
The online searchable repository of digitised Sanskrit texts and stanzas.

Our aim is to give a good starting point for learning and knowing Sanskrit.

We have different sections on literature, grammar, book references, stories, online dictionary, online test and crossword puzzles. This will give a good start in learning and using Sanskrit and much more.

At the same time we are also trying to bring together existing important resources on Sanskrit. In India and abroad many good initiatives for promoting Sanskrit are going on by different organisations and institutes. But, the challenge is that most of them operate independently (which has its merits). However, for anyone interested in Sanskrit sometimes it becomes an impossible task to identify such initiatives and resources.

In this web site in the directories section we have maintained well categorised details of different organisations, schools, and universities promoting Sanskrit. A list of different Sanskrit authoring tools, web sites and book publishers is also available. This will be a good reference point for different Sanskrit initiatives.

The online collaborative features - compendia, and discussion forum - in the website are envisaged to be the platform where all can come together, study Sanskrit & Indology subjects, as well as share their knowledge in building the platform.

We are maintaining the contents in both English and Devnagari scripts. Some of the useful English contents are available in Sanskrit using Devnagri scripts. To read the Devnagari version anytime click on the संस्कृत link on the top, and you will be taken to the starting page of Devnagari contents.

Browser should automatically display the Devnagari script properly. However if it does not, then to view Devnagari script contents, install Devnagari script on your computer using Sanskrit2003 font. If your computer does not have the font please download it and install. You will be able to read the Sanskrit contents. Help (?) section has more details.

In some of the pages (dictionary, discussion forum etc) you can enter Sanskrit scripts. For this you can use our Sanskrit Editor page to generate Devanagari script from ITRANS text input. Alternatively, you can install some editor software on your computer, through which you can type-in Devnagri scripts. For our web site we use Akshramala. A free version is available from code.google.com/p/aksharamala/ website of Akshramala. You can install it and start using it.